How does peer reviewed recruitment work?

Watch our animation to see how it works to benefit you.

Peer Recruitment Features

How will you benefit?

Only Passive Advertising

We do not advertise your roles; therefore, you will not be hassled by agencies. No recruiters means no pushy sales tactics representing your brand. We believe that we should be engaging passive candidates on your behalf, not just forwarding CVs from job boards. 

Superior Candidate engagement

Greater candidate engagement. Research shows that candidates prefer being approached by those they consider peers, especially if they have shared experience with the peer.

Bespoke Score-card

Our peers will provide you with detailed, extensive interview notes. These insightful interview notes will include a bespoke score-card created for your vacancy. This gives your hiring managers an advantage before they have even met a candidate.

Improved Candidate experience

Measurable improvements in candidate experience and employer branding. We conduct an experience survey with every candidate you interview and pass the unedited results on to you.

More Efficient Hiring Process

Your hiring managers will be armed with the industry insights we provide. This will help them achieve more successful hirings from fewer interviews.

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