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Apeer Group was founded by Arnaud Doggett, an experienced communications technology recruiter and Shane McCarthy, a veteran of the Broadcast, Digital Media and Cyber Security industries. Between them, they have conducted thousands of interviews and made hundreds of hires.
Along with the 30-plus consultants in our international Peer Group, there’s not much we haven’t covered.
We would be delighted to discuss your hiring plans.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of vacancy do you specialise in?

Our method lends itself best to the more senior positions where making the wrong hire would be costly.

Is it just technical positions you can help with?

No, our clients are almost always in the technology business, but we help them find the best, managers, salespeople and operations professionals as well as engineers.

Can you deliver on large scale projects?

Absolutely. We can scale up by engaging several Peers to deliver on your project.

Why do your Peers help you?

We pay our peers a consultancy fee for their services.

What if you don’t have a relevant Peer in your network?

Then we find one before agreeing to work on the vacancy for you.

How do you keep track of your Peers and make sure they don’t share sensitive information?

All of our Peers sign commercial contracts and NDAs. Any information shared with them is through our applicant tracking system and cannot be shared with third parties.